National Key Account Manager (CVS)

2020-08-06 | po-020181


The company operates in over 170 countries and has been in the Japanese market for over 15 years. The team is made up of dynamic, creative individuals working together to grow the brand, deliver great products and experiences. The On- and Off-Premise teams are instrumental to the company's success; together with Operations, they strive to help their customers best serve the needs of consumers by providing a high-quality and reliable product mix that sells-through quickly and is re-stocked reliably. Their sales teams maximize the steady profits that keep the entire company strong and growing.


1. For key accounts of convenience stores and wholesalers (distributors) that are nationwide, you will be in charge of everything from planning and promotion of sales plans, product distribution to store development, subsequent KPI management, improvement proposals to execution. 
2. Achieve KPI target values (sales target and budget management, distribution, storefront exposure, cooler installation, etc.).
3. Contact buyer and other key persons, etc.
4. Establish the brand in the store.
5. Maximize POP development, proposal and installation.
6. Secure visibility space.
7. Customer performance based on sales volume.
8. Growth rate and profitability analysis.
9. Analysis of sales promotion and visibility effects and execution of best plans.


1. 5+ years FMCG industry experience.
2. Business level English.
3. Experience at a convenience store.
4. Corporate sales experience such as beverage manufacturers is a plus.
5. Build beneficial relationships with customers and connect to business.
6. High sales, negotiation, communication ability (flexible).
7. Clear understanding of off-premise operations and execution of strategies.
8. Data-based analysis and understanding of sales figures.
9. Basic computer skills (Word/Excel/PowerPoint, etc.).
10. People: Performance-based, energetic, passionate, confident, flexible and adaptable to things, self-motivators, team players.



Image Description
消費財/小売 業界
日本国内 勤務地
8 - 10 million 給与
マネジャー 職位