Project Manager, DX Design and Development Department

2021-12-09 | po-020916


東京を本拠地とするグローバルなビジネスを展開するEコマース・インターネット企業。 B2B2Ceコマースプラットフォーム は、世界最大レベルの販売台数を誇る。


1. Create a clear roadmap for business, technology and process improvements and identify and track work-streams for implementation.
2. Conduct standing meetings with internal teams and vendors to plan and track deliverables.
3. Continuous project status tracking and communication, targeted and timely elevation of potential risks and issues across multiple teams and with project stakeholders.
4. Prepare budget based on scope of work and resource requirements.
5. Track and report the project’s progress, escalate to management as needed.
6. Prepare and improve the work flow and process.


1. Experience for Project Manager for system development project : Over 3 Years.
2. Capabilities of issue/blocker recognition and solving.
3. Capabilities of co-working with vender and other departments.
4. Communication and documentation level English.
5. Basic knowledge for life cycle and security of IT system.
6. Experience for project management with Oversea's vendor or engineers.
7. Experience for project management for the relatively large IT system development project.
8. English (Overall - 2 - Intermediate), Japanese (Overall - 2 - Intermediate).



Image Description
IT/インターネット/イーコマース 業界
東京 勤務地
8-11 Million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位
Manager Digitalization
8-12 Million

Team Manager, Product Team
15 million

Project Manager (CTIO Division)
4.5-8.5 Million