Financial Industry Finance & Risk Consultant 【FS-F & R】

2020-06-30 | po-020145


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1. Strategy / Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 
Developing a plan from the viewpoint of financial planning and risk planning (business portfolio management, risk appetite framework) 
Management accounting · Advancement of performance evaluation 
Integrated business management utilizing data (group / global data development, analytical finance using various data, approach to risk management), etc. 
2. Data / Operation / Governance 
SmartClose (early settlement and efficiency improvement) Governance · Operation · Data system · Concept · Introduction support for group - Shared Service Center (SSC) introduction support -
MIS concept · Formulation of group crossing data foundation concept, etc. 
3. Financial Crime 
AML / Conduct Risk Management Concept, Operation / System Concept and implementation support 
Strengthen internal audit, etc, etc 
4. Regulation 
IFRS 9/17 concept, business · system concept · introduction support 
Basel regulatory authority response, business · system concept · implementation support  BCBS 239, stress test 
Model Risk Management


1.Logical thinking 
2.Problem solving skills (Problem definition · Cause analysis · Solution proposal · Execution support) 
3.Business communication skill (presentation, facilitation) 
4.Document creation skill 
5.Industry which can negotiate with business users Business knowledge
6.Japanese proficiency over business level ·
7.English proficiency above business level ·
8.Understanding the trend of recent financial regulation (Basel III, IFRS 9, etc.) 
9.Data maintenance / processing using MS Excel · MS Access etc, Model construction etc. 
10.Statistical calculation skill (Calculation using statistical software and programs [VBA, etc.]) 



Image Description
コンサルティング 業界
東京 勤務地
5 - 12 Million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位
Solution Consultant
5-10 Million

Junior Consultant
8 Million

8 Million