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Is a worldwide company that produces tablets and related products. Tablets are notable for their use of a patented cordless, battery-free, and pressure-sensitive stylus or digital pen. In addition to manufacturing and selling tablets as separate products, they also provides graphical input technology for some tablet computers.


1. Manage the Japanese office of Accounting and Financial departments.
2. Produce the monthly financial statements consistent with US GAAP and in compliance with Japan’s statutory requirements.
3. Lead the annual planning process, and provide updates to the financial projections during the year.
4. Prepare monthly management reports; help commercial leaders to understand their performance versus targets.
5. Perform economic analysis of all new affiliate deals; participate in negotiations with affiliate partners, when necessary.
6. Assist the President in developing strategies and tactics
7. Participate in refining and updating the Overture business model for the Japanese marketplace (e.g. decisions related to pricing, relevancy, distribution, coverage, channels, commissions to agencies, etc.).
8. Assist in the preparation of the sales team incentive plan to ensure incentives motivate the behaviors that maximize value for the business.
9. Establish system of internal controls; adapt policies and procedures to local market as appropriate.
10. Ensure credit is set properly, routinely monitored and that collection of AR is done in a timely manner.
11. Manage tax matters related to Japan including local tax requirements/filings and ensuring that the Japanese part of Overture’s International tax structure is tax optimized.
12. Handle all cash management issues in Japan.


1. A financial manager with more than ten years of experience in an established and well regarded corporate environment.
2. Experienced in financial analysis, financial planning, controllership and with a good understanding of what is needed to build a profitable business.
3. Understanding of group reporting requirements
4. Comfortable working in a matrix environment--working with the Japan and US Overture teams
5. Knowledgeable of financial/business issues in both Japan and US.
6. Excellent written and spoken English and Japanese language skills.
7. Experience managing multifunctional departments and/or demonstration of knowledge beyond that of a strictly financial manager.
8. Experience and knowledge of US GAAP reporting requirements is essential.
9. Experienced working in a small fast growing company or business unit is a plus.



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製造 業界
東京 勤務地
12 - 14 million 給与
エグゼクティブ 職位