Corporate Internal Auditor

2020-06-30 | po-020154


A Japanese eCommerce and Internet company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. They are well known for their various ventures in eCommerce, Mobile provider, travel, fashion, banking and pay, and IT.


1. Internal audit on business units and departments including those of overseas group companies.
2. Internal control assessment required for J-SOX (documentation assist, collecting information, management assessment).


1. 3+years of internal audit experiences at the general service companies or audit firms.
2. Over 800 TOEIC score at present, or candidate who can score more than 800 within 2 years.
3. Qualifications, related to internal audit. EX) CPA, CIA, CISA…etc.
4. Manager experiences in listed companies (Accounting, General Affairs or Legal department etc.).
5. Advanced skills to utilize technology, such as data analysis
6. SAP usage experience.
7. Experiences of quality control and quality improvement projects, etc.
8. Knowledge and experiences on businesses subject to Telecommunications Business Laws  and relevant regulations.
9. Knowledge and experiences in logistics management and related laws or regulations.
10. Knowledge and experiences on laws such as warehouse management and related laws or regulations.



Image Description
IT/インターネット/イーコマース 業界
東京 勤務地
4 - 7 Million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位