Data Analyst - Travel Business Quality Management Office

2020-04-25 | po-018426


This is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo, Japan. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform. Is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales.
Founded in February 1997 as MDM, Inc., and is still its chief executive. Shopping Mall started operations in May 1997. The Japanese word means optimism.
In 2012, the company's revenues totaled US$4.6 billion with operating profits of about US$244 million. In June 2013, reported it had a total of 10,351 employees worldwide.


1. To improve the quality of one of the biggest online travel site in Japan, the role requires one who is able to gather and analyze data, find and solve problems, and manage whole projects.
2. Travel offers the best matching to both hotels and users, not only to domestic hotels but also to other various services such as international hotel stay, bus, rent a car, and package tour.
3. We expect strong talent to improve and help grow Travel to No.1 travel service.


1. Business-level English skills (ability to communicate with group companies in English).
2. Documentation skills (ability to write and revise Group regulations, business documents in formal Japanese and English).
3. Negotiation skills (ability to understand cultural differences and work effectively with multiple levels of organizations).
4. Basic knowledge of data analisy



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IT/インターネット/イーコマース 業界
東京 勤務地
6 - 8 million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位