UXデザイナー(EC) 東京


12-05 UX Designer ( EC)


Professional Services & Consulting

5-16 million
[The main role is to find out the user's insights, visualize their user journeys, and sublimate the thought-out concept to the design.]

We will create the best user experience by combining specialists in each field such as experience strategic designer, UI designer and front end engineer with methods such as design thinking and ethnographic research.
With an understanding of the client's business needs and insight into the customer experience, we design the best user experience.
Using human-centered design and design thinking approach, it is required to have UX design experience from identification of the user image to product service planning design development.


1. Modeling of user experience based on user research (persona, creation of customer journey map etc.)
2. Facilitation of workshop
3. Development proposal based on data analysis result in product operation and execution (A/B test, Google analytics, eye tracking test, etc.)
4. Creation and presentation of materials using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
5. Prototyping using XD
6. Voice interface design
7. Chat interface design
8. Software production using AR / VR
9. Formulation and implementation of improvement plan through data-driven approach
10. Digital marketing experience (SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing)