Strategy Office Consultant

2020-08-06 | po-020187




1. Support for building a digital strategy 
2. In-house business strategy, business model design and development
3. Company organization, governance, business process design and development
4. Creation of various report materials related to company operation
5. Discovering and solving issues related to organizational management
6. Communication and negotiation with the management and practical layers 
7. Communication and negotiation with overseas member firms
8. Application of various IT tools to achieve smooth implementation of the above-mentioned work


1. Experience designing and constructing IT strategy and digital strategy
2. Practical experience in designing and building operating models and business processes
3. Over 3 years work experience in a consulting firm
4. Over 2 years work experience in a business company
5. Consulting experience for Japanese companies
6. Experience working in English in global projects
7. Logical thinking, problem-solving ability
8. Knowledge about IT system development
9. MS Office software skills (especially Excel skills)
10. Excellent communication skills



Image Description
IT/インターネット/イーコマース 業界
東京 勤務地
7 - 9 million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位