SAP Consultant

2020-06-30 | po-020153


As the integration of IT infrastructure of client companies is further advanced on a global scale and the speed of technology change is also accelerating increasingly, it is necessary for clients to achieve sustainable growth in the area centered on AMO services. It is essential to secure a higher level of trust and drastically strengthen the management base so that it can confront the growing competition. From this perspective, this company has examined the possibility of strategic response on a dimension different from that of conventional management. Over the past 20 years, this company's track record and capabilities in the AMO-related field are highly regarded and is leading the way here in Japan.


1. Introduction and improvement consulting for business systems centered on SAP.
2. Business improvement proposal .
3. System introduction proposal.
4. Business process analysis, business requirement definition.
5. Introduction of business system centered on SAP.


1. Experience in implementing SAP package products including SAP S / 4 and ECC.
2. Operation and maintenance experience .
3. Add-on development experience.
4. Experience in implementing DBMS such as SAP Basis and HANA DB, SQL server, Oracle, Experience in operation and maintenance.
5. Develop in Java and other languages Experience, web design or web service installation / maintenance experience is preferred.
6. RPA development experience, 1 – 3 years of experience is desirable, Regardless of industry experience, Regardless of RPA products (Uipath, AutomationAnywhere, etc.), English (business level) preferred.



Image Description
IT/インターネット/イーコマース 業界
東京 勤務地
4.8 - 8 million 給与
エグゼクティブ 職位
Cloud First Application Consultant
6 - 15 milion

Strategy Office Consultant
7 - 9 million

7 - 10 million