IP Portfolio Manager

2020-06-11 | po-020107


This company does the Digital Transformation of top companies and looking ahead to the digital society of the future. Tokyo consists of three zones, the “Innovation Lab,” “Insights Center” and “Technology Center.” Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Machine learning.
Their mission is to advance the efficiency of each group through data analytics, artificial intelligence and block chain technology. They will service within their own organization as well as outside companies.


1. Plan intellectual property strategies that support the company’s innovative technology business.
2. Develop and maintain strategic intellectual property portfolio. Create patent maps that support the company’s solution and business development.
3. Minimize the risk of infringement of intellectual properties. Conduct freedom-to-operate analyses, and address solutions to any risks found in the analyses.
4. Develop and maintain internal processes that integrate intellectual property management into the company’s business operation.
5. Liaise and attend meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and to aid business development.
6. Provide other company functions with trainings regarding intellectual property.
7. Attend internal and external trainings to develop relevant knowledge and skills.
8. Manage activities of patent firms and law firms.
9. As required, work in the context of KPMG Japan and/or KPMG global, and communicate with other KPMG member firms.


1. Have highly professional expertise in intellectual property laws of Japan, and competency to handle intellectual property business under the laws of other key countries to KPMG group’s business with reasonable assistance of local external counsels.
2. Work in a big picture.
3. Take proactive and creative approach with strong business acumen and can-do mindset.
4. Understand technology, business, and the industry.
5. Handle complexity.
6. Be a good team player.
7. Communicate with an excellent interpersonal skill set in both Japanese and English.
8. Fit the multi-national and cross-cultural office environment.



Image Description
コンサルティング 業界
東京 勤務地
9 - 12 million 給与
マネジャー 職位
5.5 - 12 million

Public Policy Manager
10 - 12 million

IP Portfolio Manager
9 - 12 million