Master Data Operations Team Leader

2020-05-18 | po-020063


The largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and Asia and a top 10 pharmaceutical company in the world. Established 1781 in Osaka, Japan.
Four areas: Cancer, Gastrointestinal, Neurology, and Vaccine
The company has over 30,000 employees worldwide and achieved 16.2 billion USD in revenue during the 2012 fiscal year.  The company is focused on metabolic disorders, gastroenterology, neurology, inflammation, oncology and vaccines through its independent subsidiary.  Its headquarters is located in Chuo-ku, Osaka, and it has an office in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.


1. Oversees day-to-day operation on-site and supports operations across other time-zones, as needed
2. Coordinates, resolves issues and manages escalations to ensure smooth running data operations
3. Ensures service expansion and service transition projects are operationally supported
4. Works closely with the Master Data process improvement team to continuously improve service delivery


1. Has a robust understanding of Master Data Management and it’s impact on business processes (i.e. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Accounting etc.)
2. Strong leadership and decision-making ability skills.
3. Self-driven and motivated personality inspiring and further developing direct reports thru an open communication culture
Decision-making and Autonomy (
4. Is expected to take organizational decisions, such as resource capacity planning, staffing decisions self-sufficiently within the agreed scope
5. Must have strong written and oral English communications skills with an outstanding focus on ‘user/customer experience’
6. Schedules knowledge-sharing meetings, encourages beneficial risk-taking and an open communication culture
7. Works with the Master Data process organization to optimize and further develop operations
8. Is able to keep a clear head in stressful situations and prioritize actions according to needed business outcomes



Image Description
ライフサイエンス 業界
東京 勤務地
8 - 11 million 給与
スペシャリスト 職位
Technical Support Administrator
5 - 5.5 million

Network & Telecom Manager
9-11 Million

Program Manager
10-15 Million