Backend Engineer

2020-06-19 | po-019893


Japanese apparel company which is the one of the largest global retail companies around the world with variety of brands. The main brand is the Group's mainstay operation, and it has enjoyed strong growth by offering high-quality casualwear at reasonable prices based on its SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model, which spans product design, manufacture, distribution.


1. Account authentication, user information management.
2. User information management.
3. Marketing automation.


1. 3 or more years of engineering/development experience.
2. Communication skills in English OR Japanese (speaking, documentation, and presentations) .
3. Logical thinking ability beyond just words and grasping context. The ability to convey intention and background in a logical manner.
4. At least two of the below.
・Knowledge and/or strong background pertaining to security.
・Large-scale web service development and/or operation experience.   
・Platform service product management experience. 
・Testing methodologies / QA experience ・Proficient in any programming language ・Agile development experience
1. Prior experience in designing, building or operating membership/account services. 
2. Experience working in a global environment and with teams outside of Japan.
3. Experience in designing, building or operating systems on public cloud services such as AWS, Azure or GCP.



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5.8 - 13 milion 給与