Initial Meeting

We meet you face to face to discuss what you want to achieve in your career. We provide career counseling and guidance to achieve your career goals. We can give you a clear picture of the corporate culture and work style at each company.

Resume Preparation – Help you prepare an attractive resume (CV) so you can best show your skills. This is a critical step since it is the first contact with the client and you want to be able to show your best abilities in the resume.

Interview Coaching – Each client has its own hiring managers, each with different interview styles. We have had a long relationship with them and can assist you to successfully show your strong points in an interview and be at your best.


After meeting and preparing the best resume possible, we will submit your information to our clients. If the clients require any meetings then our consultant will go with you to the client site to introduce you to them. You can decide afterwards if this is the organization you would like to work at.


Full Time – If successful, our consultant will have an agreement that will provide you with specific position details such as your start date, salary, and title.

Haken Contract – If it is on a contract basis then we will provide you the terms of the employment and will work to move you to a full time status. Our main objective is to eventually advance a person’s career to full time.

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