TBG Staffing

Contract Staffing
 – Our minimum term is a three month period. We strive to place dedicated and talented people that are seeking key roles in a company's organization and growth. Bridge Group Staffing endeavors to obtain the best match between our contracting staff and your company.

 – Enables people the opportunity to enter a company on a contracting basis and then move to a full time basis while also enabling a company the opportunity to try out a person before permanently hiring them. This greatly increases the likelihood that both groups are well matched.

Contract Executive Staffing – For companies that need temporary high level executive staff to improve or aid a company in process improvement or establishing a new business.

Areas of Coverage:

  • Administrative Support – 
Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, General Administration Staff, Receptionists and Marketing and Sales Assistants.
  • Information Technology – 
Desktop Support Engineers, Help Desk Engineers, Application Support Professionals and Data Entry Staff.
  • Finance and Accounting – Bookkeepers and Accountants.
  • Shop Staff
  • Medical Staff – Caregivers, nurses aid and nurses
  • Other Specialist
Translator, Interpreters,
In house Recruiters, Call Center Staff.
  • Contract Executive Staff – HR Organizational Consultants, CPA’s, Organizational Process Specialist, IT Specialist for infrastructure and development, Contract C Class specialists.
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