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Head of Finance, Plant in Western Japan Yamaguchi


03-03 Head of Finance, Plant in Western Japan /ヘッドオブファイナンス (西日本)


Life Sciences

17 million
 You will supervise finance-related operations at GMS / GQ Factory. In the field of management accounting, we plan the overall Factory budget related to counting, such as core operating profit and CAPEX, and perform monthly progress management through comparative analysis of budget and performance, and reporting to Management. In the field of financial accounting, in addition to the daily practice of proper accounting, in accounting audits, internal control audits and tax audits, we take the lead role in the factory and receive appropriate examinations with the cooperation of related departments. , And carry out item cost calculation for all items at the Factory. In this way, you will demonstrate your finance expertise in a very wide range of fields and will oversee finance-related operations at the Plant. In addition, as a member of the factory management team, this is a very challenging task of coordinating with other department heads to manage the factory.

1. Bachelor or above
2. More than 10 years of experience in accounting / finance department (knowledge on finance, accounting, tax, internal control, etc.)

3. English proficiency: Business level or higher (level that can be discussed by telephone conference)

4. Communication skills (the ability to perform work while being involved with many people)

1. MBA / CPA holder

2. Experience working with overseas department or working overseas

3. Experience in the manufacturing department

4. Personal experience in the pharmaceutical industry