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Sr. Product Manager Tokyo


02-13 Sr. Product Manager/シニアプロダクトマネージャー


Information & Technology

11.5 million
Company connects you with technology and supports your comfortable technology life. This position brings the experience of delivering new products and services to millions of customers in a B2B to C business model. You are the key member of the product and service development that you need most, working closely with the UX design team, engineering team, data scientist, operations management team, etc., to formulate, implement, operate and improve the product strategy. The development team will quickly and continuously introduce new features based on the journey team model. This position is responsible for contributing to the development of the Japan Region program.
1. We plan and promote product / service development, introduction and improvement in each program.
2. Customer needs discovery and product strategy planning based on data analysis and machine learning
3. Define the KPI / Metrics Goal required to support your comfortable technology life.
4. Collect, measure and analyze quantitative and qualitative data inside and outside the company, and
formulate the necessary strategy for achieving the KPI / Metrics Goal with operating companies, data scientists, UX design team and IT team.


1. Ability to achieve KPI goal
2. Product / service development / improvement planning based on performance verification, data analysis, and machine learning
3. Japanese & English
4. Design agile thinking
5. PC skills: Excel (Pivot table / Data analysis), Word and PowerPoint
6. Logical thinking, problem solving ability
7. The ability to listen, gain trust, and involve relevant people
8. Willingness to learn new things
9. Cross-functional project, product management experience