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Technology Strategy & Architecture (TSA) Tokyo


12-05 Technology Strategy & Architecture (TSA)
テクノロジー戦略& アーキテクチャー


Professional Services & Consulting

12 million
 TSA (Technology Strategy & Architecture) supports a wide range of corporate IT transformations, from corporate IT strategy and planning to construction support for systemization.
[TSA staff composition]
In addition to those from consulting companies, there are SI vendors, business companies, IT ventures, and others.
Members with abundant careers are responsible for the development of young people and are composed of members from a wide range of careers.
Job Description
1. IT strategy development support business IT, and organization together from the stage of reform strategy planning, and realize overall optimization. Formulate and propose optimal adoption technologies and system architectures from a wide range of the latest technologies and existing technologies for added value creation, business development, operational efficiency, and other business problem resolutions required by clients. Leads to success in terms of technology strategy.
In addition to conventional system introduction experience, we have knowledge of digital technologies such as Data Analytics, AI, IoT, etc., and we can create neutral technology strategies that do not depend on specific products and services.
2. Business transformation (integrated business / system reform) promotion support system in the development phase of the system, in order to ensure the implementation of the reform strategy, from the client's standpoint, business reform, system technology, delivery management of products and delivery vendors on the method side will maximize the value of the project.
3. IT management advancement support
Provide a company-wide assessment of IT human resources, assets, and costs for clients, and formulate a medium-term IT strategy and information plan for solving problems, thereby creating a consistent corporate IT environment. Realize change.
[Specific Projects]
ICT strategy support of (information and communication technology), company-wide IT infrastructure procurement support due to the-core system renewal, RFP creation support for consideration of business reform / improvement and system implementation vendor selection, system initiative support due to overseas bases and factory start-up accounting system re-building support Japan PMI associated with acquisitions (Post Merger Integration) support of the overseas company.


1. High level of expertise with respect to IT area You will be responsible for the project you are responsible for.
2. You will be responsible for project schedules, personnel, budget, deliverables and scope management, and proposal activities for ordering new projects by customers.
Senior Manager
1. Has a high level of expertise in the IT field, and plays an active role as a substitute for the manager in some aspects of the project.
2. In the situation where there is a certain level of guide from managers and above, it is expected that the project plan will be created, and at the time of project execution, the deliverables will be created while leading the members below the consultant.
[Required Requirements]
1. Work experience of more than 3 years
2. Japanese business level
3. Consulting firms, think tanks, SI vendors, planning departments of operating companies who has a Business and system reform project experience
4. Tip experience of the reform project that includes a digital technology
5. Binge communication transmural experience from Planning and conceptualization phase
6. Management experience of large-scale projects
7. Large-scale infrastructure renovation and upgrading project experience
8. IT governance evaluation / strategy development experience
9. Global project experience in addition to the above experience, AI / IoT / Analytics and other digital technology
10. Planning / introduction skills, experience, logical thinking ability and communication ability
11. Higher aspirations department heads of IT departments and companies and CIO of experience in business world (level there is no hindrance to business conversation)
12. PMP project management such as, information processing-related qualifications holders