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Finance & Accounting (Accountant) Tokyo


11-28 Finance & Accounting (Accountant) /ファイナンス&アカウンティング(経理)


Consumer Goods & Retail

5-9 million
1. Expense management and payment, settlement business
2. Record sales (sales and handling fees) and manage accounts receivable
3. Consolidated PKG for quarterly settlement and correspondence with audit corporation
4. Tax handling in the year-end settlement of accounts and preparation of statement (reporting duties are handled by advisory tax accountants)
5. Consideration of operations construction and accounting for new services and new companies such as Joint Venture (IFRS)
6. Management accounting

1. One with accounting knowledge of bookkeeping second level or higher
2. A person with at least 3 years of business experience in a business company or Accounting firm etc.
3. Those who have high communication skills and can perform business as an organization
4. One who can respond flexibly to changes
5. Those who have mastered the basic operations of Excel (sumif, vlookup, pivot)
6. have knowledge of IFRS and business experience
7. Experienced use of SAP
8. Experience in improving accounting systems and processes
9. Experience in team management or project management
10. Experience in using English in business