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Organisation Transformation Consultant Tokyo


11-28 Organization Transformation Consultant/組織トランスフォーメーションコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

5-15 million
1. Provide support for business success by confronting the management issues of many companies related to “organization” and utilizing deep knowledge of organizational transformation.
2. Organization Design (former OT & T).
3. Culture (former OT & T).
4. Change (former OT & T).
5. Pension Services (former ARA).
6. Actuarial Insurance Solutions (former ARA).
7. Human Capital M & A (including executive compensation) (former ARA).


 Registration eligibility

Unlike HR boutique farms, there are many opportunities for collaboration with other DTC industry units and audit / tax teams. Human resources who are interested in and who prefer working styles that actively interact and collaborate are desirable.

[Global orientation]

Actively challenge overseas assignments, projects that use English,and work with foreigners interest - interest in the project is high personnel is desirable

Individual requirements
① organization change
Consulting Firm Graduates / Manager class (SM, M)
[Experience work]
■ Project management experience related to organizational / human resource management change (HR system, climate) (Innovation, personnel / labor cost management, etc.)
■ Project manager experience in organization / HR
■ A wide range of expertise / skills in strategy, marketing, finance / accounting, IT, etc. is still good
■ Global project participation experience or large-scale project management experience
■ Deep expertise in organization / HR areas Skills
■ Basic knowledge as HR or change management consultant
■ Project management skills that can manage projects for several months
■ English (level that enables participation in global projects)
[English ability]
(required) Reading and writing English
(desired) inside and outside Verbal communication in English with overseas members
(including TOEIC guidelines) over 800 points

Staff Class (SC / C)
[experience] business
■ deep professional knowledge and skills related to organizational and personnel area
■ organization and Project management experience with wood management change(personnel system, climate change, personnel and personnel expenses management, etc.) 

(It should be noted that good) and personnel system design of the knowledge and statistical analysis on the knowledge ERP package (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
■ Global project participation experience or large-scale project management experience
(required) Project staff experience related to organization / HR
(very good) Global project experience
・[English ability]
(required) Reading / writing English
(good) both inside and outside the company Verbal communication with overseas members including English
(TOEIC guideline) 730 points or more

Other Than Consulting Firm (from operating company) / Staff class (SC ・ C)
Global business development companies regardless of industry
(Japanese global or foreign-affiliated)

[Job title / Department / Experience work]
(Required) Human resources department or corporate planning department or marketing department
(Desired) project experience (strategic planning, business improvement project management, etc.)

[English Ability]
(required) read and write English
(It should be noted that good) Verbal exchanges in English with foreign members, including internal and external
(TOEIC estimate) more than 730 points

[Qualifications and Expertise]
MBA (It should be noted that good)

M & A Personnel

● Investment bank or M & A advisory firm (from outside the company who was involved in M & A)

M & A advisory (typically FA, due diligence) knowledge

[Work experience]
M & A advisory experience at investment banks, M & A advisory firms, etc.
● Operating company, personnel consulting firm (persons with knowledge of personnel)

Knowledge about personnel systems, personnel operations
[Work experience]
Experience in general HR as a personnel affairs of an operating company, or operating experience as an HR consultant
● Persons from operating companies, etc. (Those who were involved in M & A from the inside)

[Specialties] M & A operations (typically due diligence and PMI) knowledge)
[work experience]
In business companies, etc., management planning, their acquisitions as Human Resources Department Sale, who have engaged in integration projects
● Study abroad in English-speaking, living experience (almost better if there is no inconvenience in English)

English ability that can confront foreign clients (read, talk, All of the writing can be done to a considerable extent)
Logical thinking ability and a strong interest in business
Over 2 years of studying abroad or work experience in English-speaking countries