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SAP Consultant - SAP Engineer Tokyo


11-28 SAP Consultant - SAP Engineer/SAPコンサルタント-SAPエンジニア


Professional Services & Consulting

5-12 million
1. In this department, new technologies, platforms, and cloud solutions provided by SAP are utilized by using unique modeling tools, industry-specific solutions, and global precedents and know-how.

2. Propose the best concept for clients and utilize technology.

3. Implement reform and support for business structure reforms.

4. For large-scale projects such as restructuring customer businesses and strengthening global collaboration, you will be at the center of SAP projects.

5. As a member of the organization that is the center of SAP project proposal and promotion, we are in charge of a series of processes from planning concept / requirement definition to design, development, testing, and offshore management.

6. As the rate of new service development on cloud platforms such as SAP Leonardo is increasing, there is a need for human resources who have knowledge of AWS and GCP and can develop advanced solutions.

7. SAP S / 4HANA, utilizing SAP Leonardo, advanced technologies such as "machine learning", "block chain", "data intelligence", "IoT", "Analytics".

8. Make optimal proposals that give priority to added value and business transformation to customers as a neutral position without being particular about SAP solutions.



 Common Technology Requirements
============== ================== As one of the competency units, we actively participate in the development of new solutions and activities that generate customer value, and create new things that are not in the world.

Actively communicate with Digital Stakeholders and related fields while actively communicating with various stakeholders.

[English ability]
(Required) Reading / writing English
Able to interact with overseas and carry out business
(TOEIC guideline) 700 points or more * Level preferential treatment that allows telephone / TV conferences

============================ ==
 Digital Enterprise (SAP) individual requirements
[Specialized area]
Any of the following Knowledge / experience related to

and key business areas (sales and logistics) that define the necessary information linkage between each business in terms of either logistics or accounting , Procurement, production, accounting, financial Relates one or more), experience that defines the business flow and operational requirements
・ Experience in one or more business areas in
SAP implementation ・Experience in one or more phases in a series of SAP implementation (from business requirement definition to design / development / test / production preparation / establishment)

< Knowledge and experience in project management>
· SAP, project management, or team lead experience in the introduction of the core system packages such as Oracle

[Preferred Experiences]
Has the experience to lead the whole specific business area or project, in · SAP implementation project
- Has comprehensive experience in a series of phases after the requirement definition for SAP implementation projects
・ Has knowledge of cloud utilization such as IaaS and PaaS, and can advise in the SAP concept phase 
・ Familiar with development in Fiori and SCP cage, lead can be developed
With a · S / 4HANA introduction experience
With a · C / 4HANA (hybris) introduced experience
· Leonar d Have experience in introduction
・Experience in project management and team lead in global projects