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Data Center Engineering Operations Manager  Tokyo


08-06 Data Center Engineering Operations Manager/データセンターエンジニアリングオペレーションマネージャー


Information & Technology

12-19 million
1. Operating, maintaining, and managing mission-critical facilities including vendor management of large scale, high density data centers.
2. Hands-on work and supervision relating to decrease/increase of rack capacity
3. New build and expansion projects
4. Prepare and implement countermeasure for natural disasters, emergency response to high priority/critical incidents
5. Interview, hire candidates, develop and manage strong team


1. 10 years+ experience with designing, building, commissioning, operating and maintaining data center facilities
2. 5 years+ people management experience including hiring and developing the best, team promotion experience
3. Experience in managing life cycle of data center from designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and to decommissioning
4. Experience and deep understanding with change management, incident management, problem management (including troubleshooting incident as incident commander and post failure/root cause analysis), vendor management, risk management, asset management (critical equipment and spares), energy management (PUE improvement, government reporting), BCP (business continuity planning), annual and mid to long-term maintenance planning and management, budgeting, reporting, communicating with senior leaders, PDCA cycle for process improvement, etc.
5. Experience in managing and operating multiple data center sites