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ssociate Director, Corporate Branding Tokyo


06-04 Associate Director, Corporate Branding/アソシエイトディレクター コーポレートブランディング


Life Sciences

14 million
CCPA (Corporate Communication & Public Affairs) means communication, CSR, public relations, etc.
1. This division serves as the window for external activities as a company, and is located at Global Headquarters (Tokyo).Employees from diverse backgrounds, including foreign nationals, work in coordination with other divisions worldwide to handle global issues. In business, there are many opportunities to directly contact with internal executives,
2. It is an exciting and flat organization where everyone works lively.
In order to improve the global corporate reputation, CCPA Global External Communications is engaged in communication with a wide range of external stakeholders. In recent years, we are focusing on establishing a platform to actively communicate the challenges in a period of change through mass media, our website, and social media. In the future, we will lead from here our head office to further strengthen our communication capabilities and global branding strategies.
1. Must have at least 8 years of public relations experience
2. Experience in strategic public relations and project management is desirable.
It is strongly desirable to be able to carry out without problems in English mail and conference calls with overseas staff, presentations, in-company meetings in English with members including executives, and reading and writing of English documents (releases, in-house documents, etc.).