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Cyber Security Manager


03-08 Cyber Security Manager/サイバーセキュリティーマネージャー


Professional Services & Consulting

9-13.5 million
As a professional in the cyber security field, planning, proposing and providing services according to client needs and environments. (Typical examples see below)

1.We constantly grasp the latest trends in the cyber security field, plan and develop services according to the market, and strive to develop self-study as a professional.
2. Understand knowledge, resources, and processes necessary for proposing and providing services, implement procedures and adjustments internally and externally, and build appropriate structures.
3.Manage multiple projects at the same time and maximize project value in time constraints.
4.Oversee and instruct project members, pursue efficient project execution and creation of high quality results.

1. Have a practical experience in the cyber security field for a certain period of time (Senior manager must be 10 years or longer, Manager over 7 years.)
2. Have one or more professional qualifications in the cyber security field (CISSP , CISM, CISA, information security specialists etc.
3. Not limited to these- Have adequate knowledge of security industry best practices and frameworks (ISO 27001/27002, personal information protection, PCIDSS, NIST etc.)
4. Sufficient knowledge in the IT field
5.Having practical experience in the project management field for more than a certain period of time (Senior manager is over 5 years, manager over 3 years.)
6.Organization manager, Team Leader, practical experience in equivalent role (Senior Manager is more than three years, Manager for more than one year.)