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StoryWorks Senior Content Strategist in Tokyo


03-06 StoryWorks Senior Content Strategist


Media & Entertainment

9.5-11.5 million
1. Working with the Japan Ad Sales team, lead on client content briefs, forming innovative, relevant and commercially viable proposals and developing appropriate distribution and amplification strategies
2. Source and utilise market/audience/brand insights and emerging trends in topics and formats to ideate creatively and form original, relevant and commercially viable content propositions, and working with independent editorial teams as appropriate
3. Coordinating an overall brief response utilising other members of the team as required, and taking responsibility for costs and compliance approvals, updating and delivering the response to the sales lead
4. Attend pre- and post-sales client meetings to bring to life, explain and refine creative ideas
5. Be an integral part in the selling process and act as creative advisor and brand strategy expert
6. Initiate and attend regular client meetings to report and discuss campaign performance as required
1. Fluency in English
2. Late hours may be required owing to necessary communication with teams based in other geographies and time zones
3. Occasional travel required, though not frequent