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Senior Customer Success Manager in game industry in Tokyo


01-11 Senior Customer Success Manager
シニア カスタマーサクセスマネージャー


Information & Technology

10 million
1. To grasp the significance of our clients’ business and marketing issues, planning/proposing native advertising strategies, evaluate KPIs, and drafting/proposing various marketing analysis methods whilst being conscious of the overall optimization.
2. To be aware of customer engagement and attribution, and in addition, to be able to use this awareness to come up with alternative yet advantageous methods of effective guidance.
3. Analysis and improvement of operational parameters regarding campaign designs, bid management, and other creative aspects.
4. To report fixed point observations, analysis, and improvement measures taken.
5. To document and communicate information efficiently and adequately.
6. Motivate, lead, and manage the brand team (consisting of Sales and Success Managers).


1. Expertise and experience with display advertisement, DSP, listing advertisement, social advertisement, native advertisement, and operations/applications.
2. Knack with sales, proposals, and presentations.
3. Quick-thinker with advanced analytical skills and logical thinking
Interest in changing the technology and business environment, and having the ability to absorb a myriad of information and process them rapidly.
4. Ability to cooperate with every other departments within the company.
5. Communication skills and driving force to promote things.
6. Business level English ability.
7. Experience in key sales positions managing a team of around 2-4.