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AI Analyst in call contents, chat contents, and VoC by the text mining area in Tokyo


11-30 GK) Product – AI Analyst (Specialist)
AI アナリスト


Information & Technology

7-9 million

Seeking AI Analyst who will be responsible for the analysis and prediction work of call contents, chat contents, and VoC by the text mining.
This person will inquiry trend analysis and operator trend analysis by using text-mining of gathered data by AmiVoice.

1. Practical working experience on text mining analysis and mining soft maintenance.
2. Experience working on analysis work of NPS and CES.
3. Experience working on inbound prediction work at a contacting center.
4. Experience working on performance management with PDCA cycle.
5. Construction experience of the Microsoft Excel tools using a function and the macro.
6. Experience conducting more than 10,000 data.
7. English and Japanese fluency preferred.

Preferred skills
8. Improvement activity experience using Six Sigma.
9. Practical working experience in using COPC or experience in attending COPC training.
10. Experience in constructing input prediction logic.
11. Experience in constructing reporting logic from telephony system extraction raw data.
12. Experience in designing of data table column configuration.