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09-26 Brand and Communications Manager /ブランド&コミュニケーションマネージャー


9-13 million


1. Be part of a dynamic team to create positive public perception of company through strategic public relations, media relations, and client focused communications.
2. Develop internal and external communications strategies to enhance the corporate brand.
3. Job will involve writing press releases, articles, statements and speeches together with producing other corporate literatures both in Japanese and English languages. Other responsibilities include news collating and collecting data for PR value and media coverage.
4. Work closely with the firm’s business units and leaders to position the firm as a thought leader and strengthen client relationships.
5. Handle media enquiries and public relations.
6. Help organise events including press conferences, briefings, etc. This includes devising and coordinating photo opportunities.
7. Manage content output across all media platforms and ensure to develop relations with relevant news, online and social media.
8. Updating information and engage with users on the firm’s social media tools.
9. Manage the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation.



1. Bachelor’s or higher degree in Public Relations, Communication Arts, Marketing, Mass Communications, or related fields.
2. 3-5 years’ experience in public relations, journalism, communications, marketing, and/or advertising.
3. Experience in digital marketing, social media strategy is a plus.
4. Management Experience Wanted.
5. Strong communication and interpersonal skill.
6. Able to work efficiently under pressure.
7. Creative and proactive mind-set and a good team player.
8. Excellent command of spoken and written English.