Information & Technology


09-21 Product Management/プロダクトマネージメント


9-11 million


Seeking Product Management Specialist who will work in Product team and will be responsible for running the PDCA cycle for the improvement of the product/service/contents, based on hypotheses, analyses in coordination with the Data Scientist and Engineers, and idea generations of the new customer experiences.



1. Consumer facing product/service experience.
2. Strong analytical, decision making, and problem solving skills. Needs to possess clear thinking on what customer behavior the candidate wants to learn from each notification and how to analyze it.
3. Good sense about mobile technology. Not required to have an engineering background, but the candidate should have interest in understanding the latest/popular technology around mobile devices, IoT etc.
4. The candidate needs to have a good UI/UX sense. Not required to design UI (as it is done by the Designer) but needs to have a common sense about what appeal to customers and why.
5. Marketing background is a plus. Experiences in customer segmentation, persona identification, customer acquisition, customer retention, etc. is a plus.
6. An ability to handle multiple tasks in an extremely fast-paced environment.
7. Solid computer skills with experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. An ability to create and conduct effective presentations.
8. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
9. Strong collaboration and cross-functional partnership skills; ability to influence internal colleagues from all business functions.
10. Ability to independently conduct English communications with global teams through video calls and writing, and acquire information necessary to accomplish all duties. An ability to effectively and independently facilitate video calls is a must.
11. Language: Business-level in both Japanese and English.