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Consumer Goods & Retail


09-21 Sales Manager, Solution Sales/セールスマネージャー (ソリューション営業)


12-15 million


1. Developing sales strategies.
2. Build organizational strategies.
3. Set up account targets and team goals, timely monitoring of operating results and formulate and implement recovery actions.
4. Continual sales process improvement and productivity improvement Introduction of necessary technology and tools.
5. Documentation in English and business report to senior management.
6. Hiring and early development of next generation leaders.
7. Leadership to train account managers' thinking skills and change their behavior.
8. Team building with enthusiasm and empathy.



1. Organization & Sales strategy building experience
2. Negotiation skills (both within and outside the company)
3. Ability to organize things logically and to solve problems logically even under uncertain and complicated circumstances
4. Understand the business structure of the entire company and propose and realize the best solution from inside and outside perspective.
5. Ability to train subordinates (Ability to cultivate next generation leaders, not only management of sales performance and sales force)
6. PC skills of intermediate level (MS-Word, Excel, Power Point)
7. English (especially reading / writing)