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Global Sales Strategist Analyst in Tokyo


08-20 Global Sales Strategist Analyst /営業戦略アナリスト


Professional Services & Consulting

6-8.5 million
We will be responsible for planning and designing solution service marketing activities, performing various marketing activities such as events, PR, Web promotion, and reviewing the activities we have carried out.
It is important to cooperate with the marketing department (event, online marketing, PR etc) that supports more than 10 corporations throughout our Company, to conduct marketing work responsibly as a leader of the marketing project.

1. Associate, junior analyst, analyst with 5 years or more experience in a large enterprise team in the investment banking department.
2. Not available when you have experience only for small and medium stock sector sectors.
3. Industry information gathering · organization · processing capacity.
4. Collect company information · Organize · Processing capacity.
5. Profit modeling ability
6. Experience using MS PPT, Excel, Word.
7. TOEIC 730 or more
8. Experience in manipulating information terminals such as Thomson Reuters and BBG.

<If you have any>
1. Securities analyst qualification.
2. MS Excel VBA.
3. MS Access.
4. Knowledge and experience on IT industry, electrical industry, health care industry, automobile industry, material industry.