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Fintech Innovation Consultant Tokyo


03-03 Fintech Innovation Consultant/フィンテックイノベーションコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

5.5-10 million
1. Use technology to help financial and non-financial institutions transform their financial services.
2. Support for building a business model for launching a new business.
3. Market research including overseas.
4. Verification of new technologies such as BlockChain and examination of application to business.
5. Business transformation support using technology.
6. Japanese: Native level; English: Business level preferred.


1. Have a basic understanding (transaction flow, operations) of the main business of financial institutions (for banks, deposits, loans, foreign exchange, markets).
2. Have a basic understanding of the basic system configuration of financial institutions, networks between financial institutions and settlement mechanisms.
3. Knowledge and business experience of the business model of the platform business in the media industry (It is desirable to have implemented and promoted planning and marketing as the person in charge)
4. Knowledge and work experience in non-financial Fintech business
5. Experience in starting and promoting new businesses.
6. Has a Mindset to promote the project with Ownership and can motivate other project members.