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Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer Tokyo


03-02 Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer/シニアクラウドDevOps エンジニア


Professional Services & Consulting

9-16 million
1. Split of workload 80% Engineering / 20% Internal Consultancy
2. Responsible for continuously developing cluster and container technologies
3. Responsible for ensuring the continuous improvements of current cloud technologies
4. Responsible for ensuring that container and cluster technologies quality and security standards are compliant with global requirements
5. Responsible for ensuring transparent communication of development blockers, bugs and other impediments
6. Responsible for automating manual actions
7. Responsible for advising member firms on cluster and container technologies
8. Responsible for advising on cloud architecture and design choices
9. Develop and / or contribute to cloud service deliverables including:
10. Cloud automation (Continuous Integration / Delivery)
11. Cloud monitoring, logging and analytics and process monitoring
12. Data driven cloud solution development within the agile / scrum methodology
13. DevOps automation and monitoring over the full development lifecycle (construction, integration, testing, releasing, deployment and infrastructure management)

 1. 7+ years of IT work experience
2. Work closely with engineering teams to create and improve cluster technologies
3. Collaborate in a global team environment, actively engage subject matter experts, and follow through on commitments
4. Strong problem solving (debugging) skills. The ability the dissect, divide and conquer platform problems and find the root cause
5. The ability to work and completed task independently
6. Experienced in working with virtual teams that are geographically and culturally diverse
7. Experienced we data driven development processes
8. Experience in transparent work environments where progress is being tracked
9. Experience with Agile development processes is a plus
10. Experience and comfort with rapid iteration and fast delivery process (sprint cycles)
11. Knowledge of container orchestration technologies (Kubernetes)
12. Knowledge of Microsoft Azure, AWS and or GCP (FaaS, PaaS)
13. Knowledge of container technologies (docker)
14. Scripting knowledge in PowerShell and Python
15. Version control experience (Git) is a must
16. Experience operating in a Linux environment using the command line