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Research and Development Engineer (Manager to Senior Manager) Tokyo


03-02 Research and Development Engineer (Manager to Senior Manager)/リーサチ&ディベロプメントエンジニア(マネージャー〜シニアマネージャー)


Professional Services & Consulting

9-16 million
労働時間・賃金の詳細、試用期間の有無、加入保険等の詳細は求職者と面接の際に明示予定労働時間・賃金の詳細、試用期間の有無、加入保険等の詳細は求職者と面接の際に明示予定e following:
1. Web-Cloud Backend system engineering
・ Design, implement and manage the entire Backend environment to design prototypes with interface with various data sources
・ Implement a suitable network environment for rapid prototyping

2. Web-Cloud Frontend system engineering
・ Design, implement and manage the client side applications for prototypes and its interface to the backend
・ Manage various types of client platforms
・ UI design

3. Advanced Software engineering
・ Design, implement and manage software in a wide range of disciplines including (but not limited to) Secure computing/MPC/Blockchain DLT, Knowledge Processing, Intelligent Agent, Scientific Visualization, Smart Transactions, and IoT & Edge Computing.

4. Embedded Hardware & Software Development engineering
・ Design, and implement software that run directory on a device/IoT or a hardware
・ Strong understanding of electronics/microcontroller

1. BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent
2. Experience in Backend or Front-end development
3. C, C++, Java, Python
4. +7 years in developing cutting edge technical solutions
5. +2 years in leading technical projects
6. High level knowledge of data structures algorithms and database technologies
7. Strong web development cycle and programming techniques and tools and cloud computing
8. Ability to translate architecture designs into well structured, tested and documented source code