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Head of Data Science Tokyo


02-18 Head of Data Science/ヘッドオブデータサイエンス


Consumer Goods & Retail

18-26 million
 1. Creating a road map of the most challenging business questions from our leading vendors and use data to articulate possible root cause analysis and solutions.
2. Co-create with other scientists globally, machine learning experts, and economists to design and run experiments, research new algorithms, and find new ways to improve vendor analytics, prove incrementally and drive growth.
3. Partner with technology and product leaders to solve business and technology problems using scientific approaches to build new services that surprise and delight our vendors.
4. Understanding drivers, impacts, and key influences on vendor growth dynamics.
5. Drive actions at scale to provide high impact services for vendors using scientifically-based methods and decision making and driving a low cost to serve.
6. Helping to build production systems that take inputs from multiple models and make decisions in real time.
7. Automating feedback loops for algorithms in production.
8. Utilizing systems and tools to effectively work with terabytes of data.

1. 10+ years of leading and delivering data analytics and machine learning solutions
2. 5+ years of experience managing Machine Learning Scientists, Data Scientists, Research Scientists, Applied Scientists, and/or Economists
3. Extensive knowledge and practical experience in several of the following areas: machine learning, statistics, NLP, deep learning, recommendation systems, choice modeling, time series, or natural language processing, dialogue systems, information retrieval
4. Ability to distill informal customer requirements into problem definitions, dealing with ambiguity and competing objectives
5. Ability to manage and quantify improvement in customer experience or value for the business resulting from research outcomes