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IT Strategy & Transformation Consultant Tokyo


04-03 IT Strategy & Transformation Consultant/ITストラテジー&トランスフォーメーションコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

5.5-10 million
1. To-Be model design and design of IT functions / organizations / human resources to improve business value, formulation of reform roadmap and support for promotion.
2. Formulation of IT strategy and medium-term plan to realize business strategy, formulation of digital strategy, optimization of project portfolio, etc.
3.Reform IT planning and development processes, strengthen IT procurement and vendor management, upgrade IT investment management schemes and reduce IT costs.

1. Experience in IT strategy and digital strategy planning at business companies, IT department operation improvement, etc.
2. Proposal of solutions at IT companies (system integrators, software vendors, cloud service vendors, etc.)
3. Delivery experience.
4. Experienced planning work in Corporate Planning Department, Marketing Department, R & D Department, etc.
5. Engineers of advanced technology (AI etc.) who have the desire to transform large companies with this technology.
6. Knowledge of general business studies (strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, organization theory, ICT).
7. Business English for Japanese.
8. Business consulting and IT consulting experience at a professional firm.