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Advertising Manager Tokyo


03-02 Advertising Manager/アドバタイジングマネージャー


Consumer Goods & Retail

9 million
労働時間・賃金の詳細、試用期間の有無、加入保険等の詳細は求職者と面接の際に明示予定労働時間・賃金の詳細、試用期間の有無、加入保険等の詳細は求職者と面接の際に明示予定ies related to media buying and media placement, coordinating with local media agencies/directly negotiating with editors, based on central guidelines.
2. Define local media guidelines proposing actions.
3. Define local media plans, send them to central media planning for consolidation and analysis.
4. Screen local external media suppliers’ proposals for advertising insertions and negotiate with them, according to central guidelines.
5. Design and submit to central media planning special advertising requests (different from guidelines).
6. Guarantee and improve constant image and performance in social media platforms.
7. Perform competition analysis based on central guidelines and interpret results recommending relevant actions to Central Marketing with the objective of expanding business opportunities.
8. Develop, implement and monitor local support budget, in line with central guidelines.
9. Drive and perform any other activity/project of the department
10. Always benchmark with competitors to do an aggressive communication contributing to the benefit of the brand to eventually grow/gain market share.
11. Secure strong media amplification of key events.

1. Relevant work experience in marketing for luxury products. (luxury industry or AD agency).
2. More than 5 – 7 years experience in the field of communication, preferably in advertising.
3. Knowledge of current digital communication trend.
4. Managerial skill (staff & AD agency).
5. Budgeting & reporting skills.
6. Good knowledge about luxury brand((jewelry/fashion/cosmetics/automotive etc).
7. Experience of editing brochure/news letter.
8. PC skills (Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint).
9. High command of English (TOEIC – 900+ preferred).