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Finance Strategy and Transformation Consultant Tokyo


Finance Strategy and Transformation Consultant/ファイナンスストラテジー, トランスフォーメーションコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

5.5 - 10 milion
1. Review of group accounting system and redeployment of accounting functions of domestic and overseas subsidiaries.
2. Strengthen group-wide management system and improve business processes triggered by changes in system accounting, including IFRS.
3. Efficiency of accounting business process utilizing RPA (robotics).
4. Global selection of optimal locations for shared services and outsourcing, and transfer of processes to these locations.
5. Set management indicators and improve the overall management system.
6. Draft reform of budget and forecasting system.
7. Developing solutions in collaboration with the global Finance Strategy & Transformation team and deploying globally developed solutions in Japan.


1. CPA, US CPA, Bookkeeping Class 1 equivalent.
2. Pension actuaries.
3. Experience in insurance accounting.
4. Financial experience.
5. Experience as a team leader.
6. Experience participating in a global team.
7. Business English (If you want a global proposal, do not hinder business conversation).