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Fitness Marketing Manager Tokyo


01-21 Fitness Marketing Manager/フィットネスマーケティングマネージャー


Consumer Goods & Retail

9-12 million
1. Execute fully integrated marketing programs to drive awareness of brands and elevate as a brand and an apparel/footwear provider
2. Supervise all fitness event-related topics in close relationship with local PR & Event team
3. Provide input to Global/APAC on local opportunities and trends to improve global Category & Range efficiency such as global range components
4. Accountable for scouting, recruiting, endorsing, and executing local athlete contracts
5. Responsible for the overall strategy and management of affiliates and trainers
6. Ensure fitness and training managers set and uphold customer service standards
7. Communicate regularly with affiliates and trainers via in-person and online meetings, and e-newsletters to keep them engaged
8. Ensure affiliates provide accurate information on grassroots events, product seeding, R&D sessions, and services to meet business goals
9. Build and execute regional partner activation plans working with global teams
10. Partner with gyms and other affiliates to organize competition (sectional event) and build excitement around brand activation
11. Create grassroots marketing and seeding events
12. Host R&D sessions to create product awareness in gyms
13. Manage concept shops, delivery schedule and inventory
14. Financial & Budgetary
15. Develop monthly and annual business plans
16. Manage grassroots marketing budget
 1. Manager with strong interpersonal and influencing skills (e.g., relationship management, facilitation) and in-depth knowledge of fitness
2. Demonstrated success in grassroots marketing initiatives
3. Strong association with fitness, fashion, entertainment events, sport or media
4. Ability to involve key stakeholders and gain support for initiatives
5. University degree in business marketing or equivalent professional experience preferred
6. Competitive sports or fitness experience
7. More than 6 years of experience in (sports) marketing
8. 2-3 years of leadership experience
9. Fluent in writing and speaking English (bilingual is a plus)