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Head, GM Office, R&D Shonan


2-20 Head, GM Office, R&D/ヘッドGMオフィス R&D


Life Sciences

15-20 million
 1. Creates vision, business strategy and execution plans with General Manager.
2. Creates and monitors financial and human resource plans.
3. Functions as Chief of Staff, harmonizing all the division and enhancing collaboration.
4.Supports tenant business by creating platform to provide training and consultation for IP, Regulatory, and other necessary skills for R&D in life science.

1.Ability to challenge, find direction by oneself, and involve people with different backgrounds for unclear matters such as creation of innovation ecosystem.
2.Demonstrated ability to work across functions, regions and cultures
3.Enterprise level leadership with the ability to inspire, motivate and drive results
4.Excellent communicator, able to persuasively convey both ideas and data, verbally and in writing
5.Proven skills as an effective team player who can engender credibility and confidence within and outside the company
6.Ability to distil complex issues and ideas down to simple comprehensible terms
7.Executive leadership presence and confidence
8.Embraces and demonstrates a diversity and inclusion mindset and role models these behaviors for the organization