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Consulting Services for Consumer Business Tokyo


03-17 Consulting Services for Consumer Business/コンサルティングサービス(コンシューマービジネス)


Professional Services & Consulting

6-19 million
1. Consulting for business expansion.
2. Consulting for business efficiency.
3. Consumer products.
4. (Retail, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality & Services).
5. (Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries industry).
6. (Railway Industry).
7. (Hotel Industry).

1. Experienced buyers in retail industry / department store, marketing, business planning, real estate or real estate.
2. Shopping center management practices and tenant MD experience in the railway company.
3.Marketing in-a leading retailer, experience of management planning, such as operation and planning of EC business, marketing, management planning, such as experience.
4. Experience in management and planning, marketing, business planning, etc. in the travel and travel related service business.
5. Management planning experience in the temporary staffing industry.
6. Management planning, business planning experience in restaurants and leisure companies .
7. Management in education service business
8. Business planning, group company management, etc.