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Industry Specific Technology Transformation Tokyo


12-05 Industry Specific Technology Transformation
インダストリー スペシフィック テクノロジー トランスフォメーション


Professional Serivces & Consulting

12 million

The current staff composition is centered on IT consultants, but in the future, it is planned to expand to those with experience in the business planning department.
Job Description
IT consulting services will be the job content for the purpose of building and deploying total solutions to clients. Specifically, “IT strategy development support”, “information system requirement definition support”, “project management support”, etc. ISTT conducts the following collaborative activities to increase specialization in particular industries.
1. Identification of issues by industry / industry (sector collaboration)
2. Solution collaboration
3. Development support
4. Knowledge accumulation / deployment (service line collaboration)
5. Strengthening the firm's consulting capabilities including global 6. Building assets (solution development department collaboration) )
[Specific Projects]
Since ISTT is a newly established team, it has not been cut out as a team-specific project, but we are working on comprehensive development including manufacturing, service, government, and infrastructure companies.


 Senior Consultant
1. Under the guidance of the administrator, please perform the following work.
2. Investigation of industry trends in cooperation with each sector
3. Analysis of issues for individual clients
4. Study of solutions to extraction issues
5. Selection of application solutions
6. Development of project execution plan
1. Scope of IT application in each industry
2. Lead of overall analysis of level and effect
3. Schedule, personnel, budget, deliverables and scope management in project
4. Work instruction to consultant and senior consultant
5. Quality review
6. Proposal activity for new project order

[Required Requirements]
1. More than 10 years of working experience
2. Japanese: native language or more than business, English: more than business, other languages (Chinese, etc.)
3. Common business skills include logical and strategic thinking, hypothesis building, communication, output (fixed input information The ability to document based on logic) is particularly evaluated.
4. Consulting experience in specific industries and those with experience in digital strategy / planning and business strategy / planning at operating companies are welcome.