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Global Technology Transformation Consultant Tokyo


12-05 Global Technology Transformation Consultant
グローバル テクノロジー トランスフォメーション コンサルタント


Professional Serivecs & Consulting

12 million

Analysis of the current status of business operations and systems, business process design such as SCM, selection support for PMO and business partners for migration and integration, and provision of advice as SME (Subject Matter Expert) It becomes. In the IT field, we also design and implement business applications that are deployed globally.
this firm Global's advanced solutions and methodologies for client management issues such as regulatory response and business integration specialized in cross-border cases, while leveraging our experience in global operations and system reforms so far We are looking forward to applying for those who are willing to take advantage of Specifically, we will support the following operations from the client's perspective.
1. Operations utilizing this firm's global methodologies and solutions
2. Support for IT reform
3. Support for operation changes and system renewals accompanying changes in global regulations
4. Overall integrated plans for management integration
5. Support for formulating and implementing functions for each function
6. Business and IT processes Support for service management framework construction and solution introduction
in Japan-Cross-departmental process optimization using RPA and Intelligent Automation and BPM (Business Process Management) solution introduction support
[Specific Projects]
1. New product launch based on global growth strategy
2. Global foreign-affiliated healthcare / Post Merger Integration (PMI) support / PMI planning and execution after business acquisition
3. Japanese subsidiary of a global major foreign insurance company / New product launch
4. New core system platform introduction
5. New product launch based on client differentiation strategy
6. New core system for new products Platform introduction
7. Global car company / Support for cost management and profit prediction system introduction in
vehicle development area
8. Global process maintenance and system introduction in cost management in vehicle development area
9. Replacement support for profit prediction system in new car sales
10. Domestic pharmaceutical company / IT service management maturity evaluation and have the maturity assessment of IT service management, which provides in-Japan head office, the United States and the European roadmap towards global integrated IT service management model building

 Consultant and Senior Consultant of the Administrator
1. The original guide, you will be working, such as the following.
2. Structure and analysis of client issues (business / business / IT) / business / IT department improvement area identification, proposal for improvement proposals / bridges for business / business / IT department implementation support / advanced solutions of promoting the introduction Japan implementation of the global CIO survey manager more than the schedule in the project, personnel, budget, deliverables and scope management of
work instructions and quality review of the consultant and Senior consultant
3. (Senior managers and above) Proposal activities for new project orders, contribution to orders
[Required Requirements]
Consultant, Senior consultant
1. Other consulting firm experience, IT consultant experience, 3 years of practical experience or equivalent experience in SI vendor or IT planning department, BPR project experience, SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) General experience (especially experience in defining business requirements is required)
2. Communication skills in Japanese and English (study abroad or work experience required; Japanese business level required for foreign nationals)
Manager or Higher
1. Other consulting firm experience, IT consultancy experience
2. 5-7 years work experience or equivalent experience in SI vendor or IT planning department, BPR and system concept development project experience (especially finance, healthcare, manufacturing), large scale project
3. Program / Pro -Object management experience solutions (package) and vendor selection experience and knowledge and experience in IT governance and IT operations management in general (in particular, ITIL, COBIT)
4. Japanese and English due to the high communication skills
(study abroad experience, or work experience required)
[Knowledge and experience to be evaluated]
1. Experience in cloud solution related projects
2. Solution selection, Architecture design and implementation experience
3. Work experience related to IT services and operations management
4. Use case creation and ecosystem utilization experience utilizing the latest digital technology