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Business Development Consultant Tokyo


12-05 Business Development Consultant
ビジネス0ディブロプメント コンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

8 million
 At this firm not only experts in the advanced technologies of cloud, AI, blockchain and IoT, but also experts in various digital fields such as data science, data visualization, cloud architecture, and system security are gathered from inside and outside the country. We will promote safe management of huge and complex data, development and operation of platforms using Agile and DevOps methods, analysis to reflect the data in management decisions, and visualization for easy understanding of the data.
By combining these latest digital technologies with the expertise that This firm has cultivated so far, we will collaborate globally and create a common platform and solutions.
As a consultant belonging to this firm in cooperation with the senior layer of partner-director of each firm of the audit, tax and advisory in the this frim solving the problems of the end client. Planning and designing a digital solution development project for KPMG Japan to provide a service to end clients by making various functions using advanced technologies that plan advanced service in each firm to promote a new digital infrastructure.


1. Experience with Business Development (at least one of the following)
2. Experience in developing new fields at business companies and product vendors such as software
3. Experience in upgrading existing businesses
4. New as a business consultant Experience in business development projects/ Experience in new proposals as a business consultant
5. Customer communication skills, documentation, slide writing skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills
6. Basics of problem solving skills
7. Logical thinking
8. Structured communication
9. Total of three years or more, with a work experience of at SC ~ C level or higher
1. Basic knowledge about: auditing, tax, accounting, finance. M&A
2. Consulting (business process reengineering, IT technology introduction, etc.), system engineering (It is better if you have experience from proposal to introduction)
3. Japanese : Native level
4. English : Business level