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12-05 People & Change - Oragnization Human Resources Consultant/HR コンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

7 million
 Human Resources
in various field, present solutions based on advanced HR knowledge and the latest global solutions, and provide consulting services (problem analysis, solution provision), relationship construction, and project implementation for client companies.
1. Talent Management (remuneration, evaluation system, human resource development, talent management, executive compensation system, personnel due diligence, PMI, etc.)
2. Workforce Intelligence / Organizational Design (personnel planning, personnel optimization, organizational design, etc.)
3. Behavioral Change Management (consciousness behavior change of human resources through the assessment, leadership development, etc.)
[specific projects]
Human resources management strategy
- key personnel System (grade, remuneration, evaluation) formulation, global personnel strategy formulation, personnel due diligence, retention plan formulation with M & A, personnel system integration (PMI), personnel training system formulation, manager training (including evaluator training), employees Awareness survey, executive compensation system design, succession planning, personnel plan formulation, etc.
<Recent examples of projects>
1. Human resources system integration support associated with M & A. Establishing the human resources image required at the new company, formulation of new personnel system policies (manufacturing industry), global talent management concept formulation and system introduction support (manufacturing industry) for Nikkei companies, human resource development utilizing AI, efficient placement sophisticated support (financial industry)
2. CGC (Corporate Governance Code) of executive compensation strategy based on the corresponding planning and institutional design (chemical)


Consultant and Senior Consultant
1. 2 or more years of practical experience or equivalent experience in consulting firm, SI vendor, package vendor or information system department
2. Consulting experience or personnel system introduction experience in organization, personnel field
3. Experience of business requirements definition in system introduction project of personnel domain
4. Logical thinking and problem solving abilities
5. Japanese language ability (level that does not hinder business use)
6. Basic English skills
7. Excellent communication skills with stakeholders
8. Attitude to act proactively with the growth of the team
9. Willingness to challenge new things
Manager & above
In addition to the requirements of consultants and senior consultants, the following are required:
1. 2 years Project Management experience
2. Ability to appeal to clients through proposals
3. Ability to get more involvement from the surrounding and acquire more positive output
4. Ability to develop and motivate subordinates
[Valued knowledge and experience]
1. Business English (for those who wish to work on global projects)
2. HR data analysis, planning of analysis measures
3. Experience as Team Leader