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Supply Chain & Operations Consultant Tokyo


02-28 Supply Chain & Operations Consultant/サプライチェーン&オペレーション コンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

11 million
 Supply Chain & Operations
SCO group aims to improve the performance of the client's core business itself, transforming business, operations, entire technology, or each layer from the sell side to the delivery side (supply chain, engineering).
In particular, due to the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, in addition to the traditional management and business-driven transformation, we have integrated technology-driven transformation to support client transformation.
[Personnel composition of Supply Chain & Operations group]
In addition to those from consulting firms, there are many people from SI vendors and business companies.
Members with abundant careers are responsible for the development of young people and are composed of members from a wide range of careers.
[Concrete projects]
Major manufacturing / group core operations / system renovation / improvement of overall reform policy from business strategy/ new operation model development / vendor selection support/ system construction PMO support/ organization authority and approval authority mission redevelopment leading manufacturers / global management foundation reform


<Consultant and senior consultant>
1. Experience in other consulting firms, IT consultant experience, practical experience of SI vendor or operating company over 3 years or equivalent experience
2. Experience of BPR project
3. Experience of system introduction project (especially planning Requirement definition experience)
4. Logical thinking ability, problem solving ability, communication ability
5. Japanese language ability (at a level that does not hinder business use)

1. Other consulting firm enrollment experience, IT consultant experience, SI vendor or business More than 5-7 years of work experience or equivalent experience in the company
2. Leader experience in BPR projects (preferably multiple)
3. Leader experience in system introduction projects (preferably multiple) (especially from concept development to requirement definition) )
4. Large-scale project / project management experience, solution (package) and vendor selection experience, knowledge, experience and logic at a level that allows clients to discuss what they should be in the supply chain and / or engineering domain Thinking ability, problem solving ability, communication ability
5. Japanese language ability (a level that does not hinder business use)
6. Advanced technology and digital utilization promotion, cloud solution introduction
7. Promotion of digital business
8. Global project experience
9. Business English
(If you want a global project, there is no problem in business conversation)