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Sales (Osaka) - Mobile  Tokyo


11-27 Sales (Osaka) - Mobile/ 営業(大阪)モバイル


Consumer Goods & Retail

5-8 million
1, Improve the structure of store management and develop measures to improve operational quality
2. Strategic introduction of new service stores
3. Lead in nationwide store development (by type of industry)
4. Aim to achieve KPI through agency operation according to strategy plan
5. Drafting and implementation of strategic brand awareness improvement measures
6. Implementation of an event and its supervision with special sales force


 Minimum Qualifications
1, Sales experience in the telecommunications industry
2. Sales experience (OK even in inexperienced communication industry)

Preferred QualificationsExperience
1, Strategic thinking skills
2 .Communication skills that can involve internal and external stakeholders and
promote projects
3. We can respond flexibly to changes in the environment and always actively act
by acting on our own improvement plan
4. Flexible thinking can be made regardless of the area of responsibility, fixed
framework, limited authority of own area
5. Ability to plan and direct with priorities, consciousness of sharpness
6. Respecting willingness to do with the spirit of Get Things Done
7. Small PMO experience or rate of teams
8. Rounder experience
9.IT companies, experienced communication carriers
10.Experience planning for events
11. Budget management experience such as PL

English Requirement: Conversational Level Japanese Requirement: Fluent Level