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Accounting Directo Tokyo


11-18 Accounting Director/アカウンティングディレクター


Professional Services & Consulting

18-20 million
Strategic management accounting and organizational management based on institutional accounting, tax knowledge and experience with the aim of maximizing common and functional business strategy, project strategy, and business value.
1. Group budget planning, forecasting report for each business
2. Sales, cost / cost analysis, KPI proposal and setting for problem extraction and resolution
3. Working with top management and each business controller, guide a management strategy for financial success
4. Market and changes in the business / transformation in response there should be an index set of / revisions, such as
5. system oversees accounting
will be the department in charge of all of the accounting and accounting operations in Japan. In order to support the services provided we support the performance of the front desk as a numerical professional.

1. 10+ years of experience
2. Management Accounting (budget/ performance forecasting/ medium -term plan/ cost)
3. People Management experience
4. General Financial Accounting knowledge
1. Institutional Accounting and management accounting experience in companies with multiple business units