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Engineer (Products & Solutions unit) Tokyo


12-05 Engineer (Products & Solutions unit)


Professional Services & Consulting

5-10 million
1. As the need for product development in response to the demands of both the business side and the business side to solve the complex issues faced by clients and realize digital transformation is increasing, it can now be quickly and accurately addressed.
2. Products & Solutions unit, digital services for problem-solving (Web apps, mobile apps, analytics, AI, xR, etc.)
3. Keywords are assets. An asset that understands and solves the challenges of the entire industry is called an asset. Assets include those that the company has globally and those that were originally developed in Japan, and those that were developed in Japan can be made global assets. These assets include a wide variety of assets, from mobile apps used by client employees to enterprise software that analyzes data to solve complex client challenges, and digital measurement of employee work environments. Are included, and there is no bias in industry and technology. The company’s deep and wide range of assets and overwhelming client partnerships help clients solve a variety of issues.
4. As a member of one of the world's largest consulting firms with the agile nature of a startup, you will be responsible for proposing, designing, building and executing digital services.
This organization has the power to grasp where the essential issues of the client are, and there are places where you can play an active role in the lead role of manufacturing and development while accompanying the discussion between the business consultant and the client.
5. The ultimate goal is not to create a product, but to plan and design a challenge that will allow clients to move up to different stages.
6. We provide support for a wide range of areas such as operational efficiency, development of tools that accelerate project promotion, development of products that become billing services, and consultation using assets.


1.Fluent English, capable of performing business while interacting with overseas.
2. Human resources who can think and implement ideas for services that solve the problems of the world, show feasibility both inside and outside the company, and lead themselves.
3. Those who want to take on new challenges and participate in unprecedented planning / manufacturing / platform business such as new technologies / services / working methods from backend to frontend.
4. Logical thinking ability that can structurally analyze and examine company issues and solutions.
5. Communication skills that allow discussion with clients.
6. Experience in formulating digital strategies for CxO.
7. System construction experience using advanced IT such as Mobile, IoT, Analytics, AI, AR / VR.
8. Example of skills required for project delivery lead: iOS development experience with Swift, Objective C, Xamarin, etc., Java, Kotlin, Android development experience with Xamarin, database knowledge, Git usage experience, AWS, Azure, GCP knowledge.
9. Preferred Skills, Machine learning implementation experience, Blockchain implementation experience, IoT implementation Experience, AR and VR implementation experience, API development implementation experience, Docker and Kubernetes usage experience, OSS activity experience.
10. Examples of software used: JetBrains products, Visual Studio Code, Swift, Go, Node.js, Python, C #, Java