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Systems & Cloud Engineering Consultant Tokyo


12-05 Systems & Cloud Engineering Consultant
システム&クラウドエンジニアリング コンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

6-10 million
1. We are often said to have strengths in the field of technology strategy, but inorder to lead the customer's business strategy to success, the field of advanced technology and actual execution phase The know-how is also increasing in importance.
2. Our Systems & Cloud Engineering team welcomes those who can provide comprehensive support from concept development to implementation and establishment to ensure the success of digital acceleration for clients.
3. We design the overall system of the client using advanced technology and provide execution support for realization.
4. This unit considers the following five points as issues for drawing the overall picture of the system.
5. “Cloud Engineering” that comprehensively supports the development and execution of cloud utilization strategies to acquire the competitive advantage of rapidly changing clients' business.
6. Realization of Agile development to support business transformation with technology Building a foundation for IT and IT department reform is urgent.
"Platform Engineering" business that realizes the construction of Agile development infrastructure and engineer education for the client.
7. “Application Modernization” that combines APIs and other technologies that enable clients to quickly utilize data in a legacy environment, and allows them to follow changes quickly in the current business environment.
8. Subscription, a new business model “Subscription Business Model” to support clients who are planning to expand their business from planning to execution to management across DTC departments.
9. Realization of overall system design including cloud based on these four business areas the reduction "PMO Service (large-scale, agile)" to assist as PMO.


 1. Ability to actively move toward delivery and orders for Technology Strategy and related fields while actively communicating with various stakeholders
2. English: Fluent. TOEIC 700.
3.Systems & Cloud Engineering Individual Requirements   
4.Any of the following Knowledge / experience <knowledge / experience related to project management / program management>-Knowledge / experience related to
project management or program management in large-scale projects (PMP qualified person preferential treatment)-Project management methodology / System development methodology development / introduction experience / applications / database / network etc.
5. System design knowledge / experience, experience of understanding the requirements of clients in each industry and drawing a concrete overall picture of the system , experience of system design and construction of a hybrid configuration of cloud and on-premises
6. System infrastructure construction / API Knowledge and experience related to infrastructure construction>, project management, team lead experience, or knowledge and experience in the relevant area for infrastructure infrastructure construction, renewal, API construction projects, etc. Cloud services (AWS, etc.) and open source Knowledge and experience of API platform design, related development, testing / Agile development, CI / CD, DevOps knowledge and experience.
7. [Preferred] API management using Cloud infrastructure (AWS, OSS, etc.) experience building the foundation, or there is an experience that was carried out Agile development in an environment in consulting companies and iT vendors, cis Manager who has experience in system planning, overall system design, or large-scale project management / program management.