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TMT (Communication, Media, High-Tech & Electric Industry) Tokyo


03-02 TMT (Communication, Media, High-Tech & Electric Industry)/TMT(コミュニケーション, メディア,ハイテク&エレクトリック業界)


Professional Services & Consulting

5-15 million
1. Global project experienced consultant team who wants to achieve self-confidence and growth.
2. Japan's general electronics, high-tech, communication and media clients the management issues together to solve, consulting to complete to realize a sustainable transformation of client.
3. High value to clients based on the know-how (value).


1. Communication.
2. Project experience related to the media of the Industry area to some extent areas of expertise, such as a strong business process IT system that has been specializing in strategy.
3. Strategies of companies and business units, new business development, business reform, system introduction. 
4. Project management experience.
5. Read and write English, Overseas communication, including both internal and external verbal exchange in English (TOEIC guideline) 730 points or more.
6. Communication industry, Media.
7. Experience in team management in departments such as sales, marketing and business planning.
8. Experience creating presentation materials for corporate executive classes.
(strategic planning, business improvement, project management, etc.).
9. Some specialties such as general business / high-tech industry related project experience (good) strategy, strong business process IT system Area.
10. Any of the work experienced by consultants such as strategic planning of companies and divisions, new business development, business reform, business requirement definition for system introduction, and project management experience.
11. (Good) crossing globally project experience in projects in Sales & Marketing, R & D area